I’m not a fast runner.  Is the Conway Running Club still for me?

Absolutely.  Although many of the runners in the club are fast, we have runners of all paces, as well as walkers.  We promote a regular schedule that helps runners who want to improve their running and reach new levels to do so.  At the same time, there are runners of all paces who get a lot of social and personal benefits beyond improved running from being a part of the Conway Running club.  The CRC is an especially good place for you if you are not fast but want to get faster.  Join us.

What do I get for my $15 membership dues?

Dues paying members help the Conway Running Club achieve our mission, which is to promote running, walking, and other fitness-related activities in the Conway area.  This small membership fee from many members helps the organization maintain our race equipment so we can assist with running events, provide educational and social opportunities for runners and communicate to our members and the community through our newsletters and website.  All association work is done by volunteers and we hope you’ll not only join, but also consider volunteering.

I run with my own group, should I still join the Conway Running Club?

Whether you run with us or not, we’d like to have you as a member of our Club so we can connect with you and to know one more person in Conway who enjoys and benefits from running.  Your dues will promote running in the community which will benefit all of us.  An alternative if you don’t want to pay to join but still want to stay connected is to join our group on Facebook.

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