The Arkansas RRCA works to promote running and fitness as means to a healthy lifestyle statewide by helping to develop a network of strong local running clubs all across our state. The Conway Running Club is one of these such clubs. One way the Arkansas RRCA achieves their goals is by hosting the Arkansas Grand Prix.  The Grand Prix is an annual series of races of varying distances, from 2 miles to marathon, throughout the state. In order to compete in the Grand Prix, you must be a member of a local running club like CRC. At the end of the annual series, there is an awards ceremony for the top runners in each age group, overall, masters, grand masters, etc. There is also a special award for "Iron Runners", or those who complete every race in the series.

If you are new to racing or running, entering a race can be very intimidating. However, if you’re a member of a club and racing in the Grand Prix, you’ll find lots of camaraderie and encouragement from your teammates. Plus, once you complete one or two races and learn that the competition in this sport is primarily with yourself, you’ll be free to enjoy the race no matter your place, and you’ll be hooked. If you are a seasoned runner, you’ll find great competition throughout the state and in the Grand Prix.

To join the Conway Running Club Grand Prix team, you must be a member of the Conway Running Club. Once you are a member, there is a $20 fee to join the Grand Prix. You will be glad you did, and we will enjoy having you on our team!